Shaving on the Cheap

This one is not just for the guys.

What products are you currently using to get the fur off of your face and/or body?  Do you have shaving cream or some kind special soap?  Do you buy disposable razors or those really slick three-blade cartridges?  You might even have someting refreshing to rub on after the shave.

The cheapest solution would be to stop shaving and fur-up. You aren’t interested in that option though, and your significant other or employer might not be either. You happen to have other inexpensive options.

My favorite shaving setup includes the same soap you use on your face to wash it. All you need is for your skin to be a little slippery, so this works fine. Water is not a lubricant. Just get suds where you need them and go to work.

You need something sharp too, so go to your kitchen drawer and…no.  You can buy what is called a safety razor, which is what holds the blade. Your grandpappy might have used one of these and he would have been wise to do so. It is a one time invesment in a tool that can be used forever and the price ranges from $10-hundreds.

This is the one I use now and have been enjoying it’s utility for about four years.


You’ll also need some blazes to complete your fuzz removal kit. Here they are. 100 of them for ten bucks. A quick search just showed me that the three-blade cartridges are $15-20 for an eight pack. Wow.  $2.50 a piece vs $.10 for each blade. Even the name and packaging are cool…


It also shaves really well.  Look into the benefits of using one blade vs two or three.

Let the s(h)avings begin!

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