More Money

Here is a quick tale on how I made more money this weekend. We went for a family walk through our neighborhood and went past a pile of aluminum piping by the side of the road that someone was getting rid of.  Quite a bit of it. I went back home, got my car, and picked it up.

Always, always pick up stuff like this and find a way to get it home. Heavy metal like steel is a waste of time and resources but aluminum and copper should always be collected.

You then go to your local scrap yard with it and they give you money.

I usually have a little pile of metal in the garage that I save up to bring in.  If it’s just steel, it will only be a couple of dollars but my son likes to watch the construction trucks work and we get ice cream with the new cash.  Softer metals like aluminum and copper can get you much more money.  This pile might be worth $30 or so?  I’ll update this after I drop it off so that you know!

Don’t turn down free money.  Yeah, you have to get somewhere with it so it’s not really free, but you know that I mean.  Acts like this add up and when you slam the extra money on your bills, it makes a difference.

This is the mindset you want to have to get ahead.


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