What do you do when something goes wrong?  Who do you call?  How do you get past the problem?

Sometimes problems cost money, when they don’t have to.  For cripes sake we have the internet!  You can solve a lot of your own problems now. 

There may be unique circumstances where a physical condition gets in the way, or even time, where you have to outsource something, but at least look into the answers and try working through it yourself. 

But you have a well paying job you say?  And it is more cost effective to outsource because of how much you get paid at work?  Well that is bull shit and here is why. Because you aren’t working all the time. If you were working 24/7, that argument would make sense, but the time when you are laying on the couch with half of your​ hand in your pants watching American Idol isn’t a particularly high income hour for you. 

There have been two times that I can remember bringing my car to a shop for repairs in the last 15ish years and both were unique circumstances where I didnt have a place to fix them myself. I am not special. Fixing cars is a matter of data, research, and taking things apart and putting them back together. YouTube can get you through a lot of it. 

I have fixed refrigerators, washers, bicycles, lawn mowers, motorcycles, furniture, snow blowers, and dryers too. So can you!

My wife and I have put in flooring, counters, sinks, tile, toilets, vanitys, and doors. So can you!

I have fixed leaking plumbing, burst pipes, running toilets, outlets that don’t work, toys, built speakers, and added breakers to the electrical panel. So can you!

I cut my own hair and my wife just did a great job cutting my son’s too. So can you!

Again, we are not unique and didn’t just go at this stuff without a plan. The information is all out there and it’s never been so easy to access. There is some initial fear that you have to get past and is probably most easily accomplished by working with someone with experience the first few times. Someone who may have gone through these experiences before, just like you are about to. 

You just have to be willing to give it a try and have some confidence in yourself. Just look at some of the yahoos you pay to have this stuff done. Do you really think you can’t figure it out with a freaking guided video online?

Of course not everything is going to be easy and some things might be best left to a pro, but at least look into what it takes before helplessly picking up the phone. 

It’s all about being resourceful and with the abundance of resources available to us now, if you aren’t resourceful, what the hell are you?

2 thoughts on “DIY”

  1. Right Captain!
    I just replaced my sump pump hose. It only cost me $11.00 🙂
    I saved at least $100 if not more.
    And, it was very easy to do.


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