Bike Commuting

When I brought up the idea of getting an ebike to ride to work, my wife thought it was a great idea.  Why not?  You get to be outside more, get some exercise during what would normally be a commute by car, nice scenery, and save on the little gas I use now.  She was one of only a few of those who thought it was a great idea. 

An ebike is a bike with a small electric motor that offers a variable amounting of pedal assistance. This is where people said that that is cheating and it’s lazy. This is also where they were and are wrong. Even in maximum assistance mode, you are still pedaling, and can put as much energy into it as you want. You will just be rewarded with more speed. The whole idea is that with the same energy output, you can travel farther, faster. 

My house is 25 miles from my worksite, each way. I do have some experience riding bikes, mostly as a kid, but I also have ridden in about five MS bike tour with my wife which were 150 miles over two days on hilly terrain. 

Some people said it was the stupidest idea they had ever heard and that it was going to be so dangerous that it didn’t make sense. “What are you going to do in the Winter?”

It is insulting to think that these people feel like that in the seconds after I delivered the idea, they had thought of all if these obsticals that I had been mulling over for months, as though they had never occurred to me. Gee, I don’t hadn’t thought of any of those things!  Come on!  It’s not like they were coming from a truly inquizative place either. It was just your standard negativity coming from those who just do what they think they are supposed to in life. 

It seems much more logical to me than sitting in a car like a slug everyday.  Dangerous?  Nearly the entire way is on bike paths and even if it wasn’t, I have personally been involved in a fatal car crash, so…not sure what makes it more dangerous than driving. The winter?  Oh no. Cold temperatures.  I used to ride my motorcycle the second the roads were clear of snow in February, in the 20*s. People who think things through realize that there are winter sports and dressing appropriately for the conditions is all that’s needed. 

I literally can’t think of any downsides to it. 

I did ride in two weeks ago and totally survived it. Easily in fact. It took me exactly one hour from the trail I stared at. It was awesome!  Nobody was around. I went through the woods for most of the trip, right by the lower falls of the Genesee river. I saw cool parts of the city I’ve never seen before. Rochester NY is actually pretty bike friendly and has recently added something like 25 miles of bike lanes. When I wasn’t on a path, I was usually in a lane. 

Today I brought my bike on the back of my car and will ride home, then back in tomorrow, while leaving my car in the lot overnight.  

This is the first time riding to work in a couple of weeks because we have had a stupid amount of rain and my in laws watch our kids three days a week and I want to get right home to relieve them. 

I am going to take some pictures on my way to show some of the scenes that I see on the bike rather than through my car windows on the expressway. 

I was literally smiling was I rode through a park and rang my bell at a bunch of deer that were hanging out by the river. 

I won’t ride in the rain, but that’s it. This is the way to go. 

Why not go to the gym for a workout?  Because the gym sucks. Why not do something fun and get the workout?  The gym would also require extra time out of my already busy schedule when this is worked right into time I already have planned for anyway. It is only 15-30 minutes more than my regular commute and in some cases it will be shorter, depending on traffic. 

If you live 10 miles or less from your destination, then this should be a no brainer.  

Do it. 


What do you do when something goes wrong?  Who do you call?  How do you get past the problem?

Sometimes problems cost money, when they don’t have to.  For cripes sake we have the internet!  You can solve a lot of your own problems now. 

There may be unique circumstances where a physical condition gets in the way, or even time, where you have to outsource something, but at least look into the answers and try working through it yourself. 

But you have a well paying job you say?  And it is more cost effective to outsource because of how much you get paid at work?  Well that is bull shit and here is why. Because you aren’t working all the time. If you were working 24/7, that argument would make sense, but the time when you are laying on the couch with half of your​ hand in your pants watching American Idol isn’t a particularly high income hour for you. 

There have been two times that I can remember bringing my car to a shop for repairs in the last 15ish years and both were unique circumstances where I didnt have a place to fix them myself. I am not special. Fixing cars is a matter of data, research, and taking things apart and putting them back together. YouTube can get you through a lot of it. 

I have fixed refrigerators, washers, bicycles, lawn mowers, motorcycles, furniture, snow blowers, and dryers too. So can you!

My wife and I have put in flooring, counters, sinks, tile, toilets, vanitys, and doors. So can you!

I have fixed leaking plumbing, burst pipes, running toilets, outlets that don’t work, toys, built speakers, and added breakers to the electrical panel. So can you!

I cut my own hair and my wife just did a great job cutting my son’s too. So can you!

Again, we are not unique and didn’t just go at this stuff without a plan. The information is all out there and it’s never been so easy to access. There is some initial fear that you have to get past and is probably most easily accomplished by working with someone with experience the first few times. Someone who may have gone through these experiences before, just like you are about to. 

You just have to be willing to give it a try and have some confidence in yourself. Just look at some of the yahoos you pay to have this stuff done. Do you really think you can’t figure it out with a freaking guided video online?

Of course not everything is going to be easy and some things might be best left to a pro, but at least look into what it takes before helplessly picking up the phone. 

It’s all about being resourceful and with the abundance of resources available to us now, if you aren’t resourceful, what the hell are you?


This is the one that gets us and most people. Where do you currently shop for food?  At restaurants?  Don’t do that. When we do that we spend a ton of money.  You probably do too. 

Look at a few months worth of food spending and see where you’re at.  I don’t know where that number should be, but I’ve seen some say that their meals work out to be about $2 each, so that sounds like a nice goal. 

I know that we aren’t there right now but we are trying something new soon. Maybe next week, and I’ll post back on what that new approach is if it works well. 

For now, try going to farmers markets and discount stores. My local favorite is Aldi.  You can fill a cart with food for the same price as a hand basket at the other places. Yes, the food is edible and in many cases is better than the alternatives. They also have come a long way when it comes to dietary needs by stocking a lot of gluten free and “healthy” alternative items. 

If you are on a fad diet or something that claims that it’s not a diet but tells you what to eat, along with the purchase of a $200/month equivalent of a carnation instant breakfast, then you can just stop that right now. 

I’m not nutrition expert but I do know that common sense goes a long way here and sticking to the services sizes does too. You know when you’re eating like an idiot and don’t need to pay someone to tell you to eat better, less, and to get exercise. 

No, eating like a caveman will not cure autoimmune disease. Jesus, they had a life expectancy of like 20 years, so what sense does that make?

Stop looking for an easy answer. You already know what the answers are.